Gain a designer's insight into the latest design methodologies as seen at Dutch Design Week 2018

Every year the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands becomes a forum for over 2600 designers, presenting their vision for the future of design and the latest creative working methodologies. 

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is known for focusing on experimental design research and showcasing concepts that ignite conversations between objects and people. Designers, businesses and consumers are invited to collectively explore and debate the critical issues of today.

We sent our designers to explore the different ways design is being used to engage audiences with products, services and environments. 

Topics covered include:

  • Data driven design
  • Rethinking processes
  • Colour potential
  • Mindful spaces
  • Next step sustainability
  • Design for debate
  • Pushing boundaries

Whatever your industry there is something at DDW that will spark your imagination!

Download the Dutch Design Week report